Normalizing Death in Colorado Springs…an article published by The Gazette

gazetteIt always seems to take us by surprise when a human body throws off its mortal coil.

And in the wake of death, families more often than not leave all the funeral arrangements to the professionals. Lauren Carroll, a former funeral director, wants people to know there’s another option – keeping the death and funeral inside the home.

“It’s Earth-friendly and it will save you thousands of dollars, but it’s the healing of it that is the true benefit,” said Carroll, a home funeral educator and founder of Returning Home, a local nonprofit organization through Pikes Peak Community Foundation that provides educational workshops and training for future home funeral advocates. She acts as a consultant for families who want to pursue a home funeral option.

“Of all the home funerals there has never been a single complaint of, ‘That was horrifying and not what I wanted.’ But that has happened with funeral homes. Death is a natural part of life. I tell people I honor death because I love life so much. You can’t live a full life without knowing that death is at the end.”

You can read the rest of the article HERE 

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